Talent Recruitment

We concentrate our efforts to create a good atmosphere for employees' self-development and provide more opportunities for employees to display their talents.

Social recruitment

The practical team of Huihe Chemical mainly refers to the business backbones and excellent employees at the front line. The members must have the spirit of being pragmatic, open-minded and eager to learn, positive and progressive, and make rapid progress. They can complete the work tasks excellently, maintain good cooperative relationship with colleagues, and play an exemplary role in the organization. The establishment of this team plays a decisive role in zhengbang's rapid development, especially the formation of its future competitive advantages. Therefore, we must have a high starting point, high standards, and focus on the future of absorption and cultivation. Especially in the current state at all levels of management personnel are not enough to have the quality of second entrepreneurship under the circumstances, to overcome the pragmatism, short-term, habitualization and let people to be familiar, let people to be close, in line with the personal secular easy to use and other tendencies. In the training, it is necessary to combine the horse racing mechanism with the patient training, and scientifically recognize the difference, according to the characteristics of different people oriented training. The incentive mechanism is mainly based on short-term performance linkage, supplemented by non-material incentives such as spiritual incentive, training and promotion.