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Jiangxi Huihe Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhengbang Crop Protection, it belongs to a leading enterprise of Zhengbang group of China's top 500 agricultural industry.

Company Profile

It’s a high-tech agrochemical enterprise that integrates production, R&D and sales. It’s located in Xinghuo Industrial Zone, Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province. It covers an area of 334 acres. Xinghuo Industrial Zone is a key provincial chemical park in Jiangxi Province with excellent facilities and convenient transportation. The company registered the capital CNY 200 million and the total investment of CNY 1.2 billion. Its annual output includes 4,000 tons of prochloraz and 50,000 tons of pesticide formulation.

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The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, and trade, and its products are oriented to domestic and foreign markets.

Huihe — Products and showroom

The first phase plans to produce Tebuconazole, Dinotefuran, Flonicamid, Spirotetramat, Tolfenpyrad, Metamifop and other technical products.



Prochloraz    Tebuconazole    Flusilazole    Dinotefuran



Flonicamid    Spirotetramat    Tolfenpyrad



Lufenuron    Emameactin benzoate
Emameactin benzoate10%+Lufenuron 40%WDG

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Product qualification certification

National key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, national high-tech enterprise.


Production equipment

Xinghuo Industrial Zone is a key provincial chemical park in Jiangxi Province with excellent facilities and convenient transportation.


Scientific research and development

Jiangxi Huihe Chemical is a fine chemical manufacturer that produces pesticides, pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products


Perfect service system

It has good cooperative relations with many famous international companies and domestic famous agrochemical companies.


The world's largest supplier of prochloraz

Quality comes from our pursuit of quality and service

Advisory Service Hotline:

+86 138 7062 1897

Huihe — Culture

Become the world's largest supplier of prochloraz

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Huihe — Enterprise qualification certification

Jiangxi Huihe Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a national high-tech enterprise

Huihe —News Center

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