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China's four leading pig farmers discuss pig raising in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, said: "If you raise pigs well, you can raise them more."

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  Li Xirong, President of China Animal Husbandry Association, and He Xintian, Secretary-General of China Animal Husbandry Association presided over the interactive forum on pig Link and "Pig Market Trend" respectively on November 14. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, Wen Zhifen, Chairman of Wen's Food Group Co.,Ltd., Qin Yinglin, chairman of Muyuan Foods Co.,Ltd., Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group Co.,Ltd., and other industry giants were invited to give speeches and exchanges. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, made wonderful discussions on how to "raise well" to "raise much".




he participants took a group photo


  Centering on the theme of "talking about development, researching and judging trends, focusing on non-pest, transforming and innovation", zhengbang, Wenshi, Makuyuan, Xinwang and other industry leaders and breeding industry experts and scholars made wonderful speeches and exchanges on breeding experience, prevention and control of non-pest, market trends, industry development opportunities, etc. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, gave a keynote speech on "Raising well", and Lin Feng, chairman of Zhengbang Technology, made a speech on "How to look and how to do" under the new situation for animal husbandry enterprises, and communicated with representatives attending the meeting.




Speech by Lin Yinsun, Chairman of Zhengbang Group: "Raise well", then "raise much"


  In the face of many factors, such as the change of industry, the difficulty in eradicating non-epidemic disease and the instability of market, how to seek new impetus for development and gain insight into the opportunities in the past century? Lin Yinsun Shared the experience of making zhengbang's breeding industry bigger and stronger, and said that the three breeding indexes of "more life, less death and faster growth" should be closely centered, and the awareness that cost is the lifeline and fat pig is the key should be firmly established. Pig breeding should embrace The Times, reconstruct new concepts, new ideas and new models of pig breeding, and apply modern science and technology, such as automation, intelligence and Internet of Things, to the whole link and process of production. We should uphold the principle of good environmental protection and sustainability, turn waste into treasure, recycle resources and achieve green development. Adhere to the value creation as the orientation and set up the idea of protracted war; Strengthening the ability to build the whole industrial chain and value chain; Attract capital, talent and technology with scale development, improve management level. At last, Lin Yinsun said that the dream of future pig farmers is to raise pigs in the industry with a high level, easy and happy life. He hoped that all pig farmers would strengthen their confidence, make innovation and realize new development with new models in the new era.




Lin Feng, chairman of Zhengbang Technology, made a speech on "Under the new situation, animal husbandry enterprises should 'how to see, how to do'"