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The Ministry of Agriculture strictly enforces the production of fake and inferior pesticide

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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Administrative Penalty Decision" and revoked the pesticide registration certificates of 12 pesticide products of 9 pesticide manufacturers in accordance with the provisions of the "Pesticide Management Regulations", showing a sharp sword to the production of counterfeit and inferior pesticides.

The companies and products whose pesticide registration certificates have been revoked are: 24.5% Avi·Mineral Oil Emulsifiable Concentrate (Registration No. PD20101117) of Qingguan Chemical Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and 1% Fly Control, Hejian Changsheng Camphor Co., Ltd. Wang Baiji (Registration Certificate No. WP20120088), 15% Avi·Chlorpyrifos EC (Registration No. PD20121434), 10% Imidacloprid WP (Registration No. PD20050121) and 450g/L prochloraz from Hunan Dafang Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Amine emulsion (registration certificate number PD20121906), nail cream•manganese zinc 58% wettable powder (registration certificate number PD20094124) from Toyota Chemical Plant in Kaifeng City, 20% tricyclazole wettable powder from Jiangsu Liangmancang Agrochemical Co., Ltd. ( Registration number PD20080293), 21% Fenvale·Marathon EC pesticide registration certificate of Liaoning Haicheng Horticultural Chemical Co., Ltd. (registration number PD20085225), 0.3% matrine water solution of Shandong Baina Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (registered Certificate No. PD20110748), 5% Acetamiprid EC from Shandong Shengpeng Technology Co., Ltd. (Registration No. PD20120992), and 20% Cyanogen Chloride•Dimethoate EC from Yangzhou Suling Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. (Registration No. PD20085634).

In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture has been focusing on cracking down on illegal activities in the production and operation of counterfeit and inferior pesticides as the focus of pesticide supervision and law enforcement, especially in response to illegal activities such as insufficient effective ingredients in pesticide products, illegal additions of highly toxic pesticides and other hidden ingredients. Great efforts will be made to supervise and inspect pesticide manufacturers. It is understood that the products investigated this time are all illegally added unregistered ingredients or counterfeit. Among them, the 20% cyanogen chloride•dimethoate EC produced by Yangzhou Suring Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. illegally added the banned pesticide methyl parathion, and the 10% imidacloprid wettable powder produced by Hunan Dafang Agrochemical Co., Ltd. used pyridaben as imidacloprid. , The 0.3% matrine water produced by Shandong Baina Biotechnology Co., Ltd. uses lambda-cyhalothrin as matrine. Once these counterfeit and inferior pesticide products are put into use, they may have a serious impact on agricultural production safety, agricultural product quality and safety, and ecological environment safety.