Talent Recruitment

We concentrate our efforts to create a good atmosphere for employees' self-development and provide more opportunities for employees to display their talents.

Campus Recruiting

The core team 

The team is the cornerstone of Huihe Chemical and the focal point of stability and inheritance. Its characteristics are: high loyalty, stability, high moral character and ambition, noble sentiment and personality charm, high realm of life and broad mind. Therefore, the team's key requirements are: loyalty, realm, morality and personality charm. It belongs to the virtuous person of Huihe Chemical industry, and it takes a long time to hone to achieve. The team members can only be judged and selected by the top level of the enterprise and maintained by long-term sharing of incentive policies and stable benefits.

Elite team

In order to make Huihe Chemical completely change the practices of small enterprises, enter the first-class level of the industry as soon as possible, or seize the opportunity at a faster speed, control the height point and walk ahead of the industry, it is necessary to have an excellent management team, and the excellent team is led by excellent leaders. These key leaders are what we call elite teams, characterized by industry-leading expertise or forward-looking leadership, skilled general management, or having key skills, resources, and relationships. In a word, I can lead a team to become a first-class management or technical senior talent in the industry at a relatively fast speed. The team has done so more through bold internal promotions, nurturing the horse racing system and introducing special policies. Its level and ability are the most important selection conditions, incentive policy is also high salary, high salary, medium performance high sharing policy, and maintain a relatively stable and appropriate flow.

Capable person, backbone team

Capable people and backbone team are in the middle and lower levels of an enterprise. They are either management experts or business and technology experts. They are responsible for the breakthrough and innovation of the company's operation, management, organization and implementation, business and technology, and they are the key team connecting the preceding and the following, as well as the key elements of the company's performance. Its quality requires both high theoretical knowledge and strong practical experience. For the "second venture" of Zhengbang, it can lead the grassroots organizations to seize land and seize the highest point one by one, which has a better understanding of the strategic intention of zhengbang's second venture and the comprehensive quality of organization and implementation. It is the second echelon of elite team and core team of Huihe Chemical. The assessment is based on performance, taking into account the comprehensive quality and potential, and the incentive policy is mainly short-term, supplemented by medium-term.

Work team

The practical team of Huihe Chemical mainly refers to the business backbones and excellent employees at the front line. The members must have the spirit of being pragmatic, open-minded and eager to learn, positive and progressive, and make rapid progress. They can complete the work tasks excellently, maintain good cooperative relationship with colleagues, and play an exemplary role in the organization. The establishment of this team plays a decisive role in zhengbang's rapid development, especially the formation of its future competitive advantages. Therefore, we must have a high starting point, high standards, and focus on the future of absorption and cultivation. Especially in the current state at all levels of management personnel are not enough to have the quality of second entrepreneurship under the circumstances, to overcome the pragmatism, short-term, habitualization and let people to be familiar, let people to be close, in line with the personal secular easy to use and other tendencies. In the training, it is necessary to combine the horse racing mechanism with the patient training, and scientifically recognize the difference, according to the characteristics of different people oriented training. The incentive mechanism is mainly based on short-term performance linkage, supplemented by non-material incentives such as spiritual incentive, training and promotion.