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Come rain or shine, burn the midnight oil! Zhengbang investment nanchang county modern agriculture whole industry chain project sign contract, speeding forward!

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  The autumn winds blow, the harvest is busy. On the evening of September 29, with the autumn wind and light rain, yuanchengji nanchang Cultural Tourism district was quite lively: the closing ceremony of the 4th Lotus Economic and Trade Cultural Festival of nanchang County (Small Blue Economic Development Zone) in 2020 was held in the open air. Show excellent, the project contract is presented a "trade opera", at the closing ceremony, is the state group, rain or shine in nanchang county government signed a contract, nanchang, local communist party secretary, secretary of the small blue by the open area departments Xiong Yun waves, county magistrate Chen's, nanchang small blue economic and technological development zone management committee director wang jp, as vice President of state group NieXiaoHong witness in the rain, such as signing, is Xia Shaowei representative, associate director of the state for development of jiangxi are bond group to electronic contract.






  Before signing the contract, Secretary Xiong Yunlang and county magistrate Chen Xiang met with vice President Nie Xiaohong and his party. Xiong Yunlang said that nanchang county party committee and county government must use the greatest sincerity, the best service, when the "shopkeeper", the achievement of "big shopkeeper", so that the investors feel at ease, handle affairs smoothly, development more confidence.
  According to the cooperation agreement, nanchang County zhengbang Modern agricultural industry chain project is divided into three phases, implementing an industrial chain integrating planting and processing, etc., and building into a demonstration area of modern ecological breeding, circular agriculture, integration of three industries and industrial poverty alleviation. After the project is put into operation, the annual output value will increase by 2 billion yuan, and the profit and tax will increase by 20 million yuan, which can directly and drive 1,000 people to find jobs.