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How does The first private bank yumin Bank in Jiangxi operate in its first year? Look at the bank founder Lin Yinsun major shareholders speech how to say

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  On September 28, Jiangxi Yumin Bank, the first private bank in Jiangxi province, turned one. On September 26, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the establishment of Yumin Bank, the theme activity of "Digital Empowerment of Inclusive Finance" was held in Nanchang. Three online inclusive financial products, namely shang Yu Loan, Nong Yu Loan and Jinyu Loan, were officially unveiled. Nearly 200 people attended the event, including Lei Yuanjiang, vice chairman of Jiangxi PROVINCIAL CPPCC and chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, heads of relevant departments of Nanchang and Nanchang, strategic partners and shareholder representatives. Lin Yinsun, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, the main initiator shareholder of Yumin Bank and chairman of Zhengbang Group, attended the event and delivered a speech. A year after opening, how is The Bank doing? In his speech, Mr. Lin said that since the opening of the bank, the bank has always adhered to steady and steady, through the differentiation of market positioning, the size of assets to maintain stable and rapid growth. In the future, Zhengbang Group, together with other shareholders, will give full play to their respective advantages in strict accordance with regulatory regulations and corporate governance requirements, and actively promote The efforts of Yumin Bank to become a national "super private bank".




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Mr. Lin Yinsun, principal shareholder of Yumin Bank and chairman of Zhengbang Group, attended the event and delivered a speech


In September of golden autumn, red osmanthus fragrance, in this season full of harvest and hope, we jointly usher in the auspicious moment of the first anniversary of the founding of Jiangxi Yumin Bank. Here, warm congratulations! I would also like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and distinguished guests for their presence.
  Established on September 28, 2019, Jiangxi Yumin Bank is a new recruit in the camp of The Gan Army and private Banks. Looking back to 2019, Jiangxi Yumin Bank has made outstanding achievements in this endeavor, becoming the first private bank in Jiangxi province and the 18th private bank in China. After the approval of the establishment of the bank on May 20, the bank successfully completed the establishment, opening and other related work in just 4 months, setting the first speed for the establishment of banking institutions in Jiangxi province.
  Since its founding, jiangxi he bank country prosperous, adhere to the ground, solid foundation, strong service and development, to serve the "private enterprises, private economy, the masses of the people's livelihood" as the market positioning, to build "pratt &whitney, green Banks, intelligent, open bank" for the development goals, positive use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, chain blocks, such as technology, continue to promote the business innovation, model innovation, process innovation, product innovation, service innovation, total assets exceed 10 billion yuan, business development to achieve a good start.
  Since its establishment, the jiangxi he bank abide by private bank name is "people" beginner's mind, to help the responsibility of the "people", the performance of the "people" of the bear, in the small micro, "three rural", consumption pratt &whitney, such as the financial sector has carried out active exploration and innovation, the introduced ShangYu, agriculture loan margin loans, Jin Yu loan services such as private entity economy, small rural customer characteristic online credit products, through the self-built "yu jian" risk control system in real-time and efficient examination and approval, effective support for private enterprises, private economy, and the masses of the people's livelihood.
  Since its establishment, research and development of jiangxi he bank launched mobile banking App, WeChat bank, WeChat small programs, such as their own online platform, provides the long tail of 7 * 24 hours of instant "fingers" financial services, especially during the outbreak, launched the green donations, free clinics and other services, effective showed the "temperature" of financial services. Obtained the record of inter-bank bond market access, and the first bond transaction was successfully executed; With jiangxi province tax bureau "silver tax interaction" strategic cooperation agreement, and the post office bank, everbright bank, jiangxi, consumer finance, nanchang immediately on cloud chamber of commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement, etc, with jiangxi fondle chamber of commerce, with all kinds of chamber of commerce, associations deepening cooperation business, "friends" constantly expanding, the market recognition continued ascension.
  The periodical achievements of Jiangxi Yumin Bank benefit from the high attention and promotion of the provincial Party Committee and government. Benefited from the provincial local financial supervision and Administration Bureau, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, nanchang city government's strong support and concern; Benefited from the central Branch of The People's Bank of China in Nanchang and the guidance and help of the Bank of Jiangxi Insurance Regulatory Bureau; More inseparable from the community's close attention and love. Here, on behalf of Jiangxi Yumin Bank and all its shareholders, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the party committees, governments and regulatory authorities at all levels for their strong support and help to Yumin Bank for a long time. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all relevant departments, enterprises and institutions, partners and all sectors of society for their sincere cooperation with Jiangxi Yumin Bank and seeking mutual benefit and win-win results. I would like to extend my cordial greetings to all the cadres and employees who have been working hard and making selfless contributions to the development of Jiangxi Yumin Bank.
  Hope jiangxi he bank does not forget the beginner's mind, make persistent efforts, on the premise of strict controls of financial risk, and vigorously develop new formats and green finance new model of Internet bank, for small and medium enterprises, small micro enterprises, individual businesses provide better financial products and more intimate services, efforts to jiangxi he bank into a national "excellent private bank". Thank you very much!