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Focus on brand building and strengthen core competitiveness: Nanchang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Zhou Lin and his entourage visited Zhengbang for a forum to help Zhengbang intellectual property construction

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On October 23, Zhou Lin from Nanchang Market Supervision Administration arrived at Zhengbang's headquarters and had a discussion with Pan Wenkang, General Manager of Jiangxi Zhengbang Crop Protection Co., Ltd., and Ge Mingyang, Director of Brand Culture Department of Zhengbang Group. Wang Yutao, Xiong Ping, Zheng Gang, Hua Yitian, Intellectual Property Protection Coordination Section of Nanchang Municipal Market Bureau, Zhan Meiwang, Deputy Director of Brand Department of Zhengbang Group, Pan Xiong, Assistant General Manager of Jiangxi Zhengbang Crop Protection Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Product and R&D Center Xie Yuanfang attended the forum.

Pan Wenkang extended a warm welcome to Zhou Lin and his entourage, introduced the development history, corporate culture, and corporate honors of Jiangxi Zhengbang Crop Protection Co., Ltd., and described in detail Zhengbang Crop's development in intellectual property technology, achievement transformation, and rights protection. jobs. Pan Wenkang said that Zhengbang Crop attaches great importance to the construction of intellectual property rights, and continuously increases the investment in research and development every year. It has established an efficient technology research and product development system, applied for 96 invention patents, 28 authorized and 754 registered trademarks. It is hoped that the Nanchang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau can provide work support to help protect the rights of the "Zhengbang Crop Protection" brand and crack down on all kinds of violations of Zhengbang's intellectual property rights. Ge Mingyang introduced in detail the overall development of Zhengbang Group, technological capabilities, brand building status, intellectual property management system, etc. Zhanmeiwang focused on reporting the basic information of several infringement cases.