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Zhengbang Group and Qi Shang Bank signed 10 billion strategic cooperation agreement

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  On September 29, Li Dapeng, Party secretary of Qi Shang Bank, and his party visited zhengbang headquarters and witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement worth 10 billion yuan with Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group. Both sides agreed to strengthen business docking, deepen strategic cooperation and realize common development of the two sides.




  Qi shang Zou Qian, a deputy governor of the bank's commercial bank jinan branch President gao, qi merchant bank financial deputy general manager of HP professional JiZhong, small business financial services centre, deputy general manager of center of jinan GaiBin, is ling feng, chairman of the board of the state science and technology, as vice President of state group NieXiaoHong xiao-hui zhou, President assistant, is an assistant to the general manager Li Zhixuan state science and technology, is the state science and technology, finance director wang yh, is director of the state science and technology to produce melting ChengXiao Village witness agreement has been signed.




  Lin Yinsun extended a warm welcome to Li dapeng and his delegation, and introduced in detail the industrial planning and development prospects of Zhengbang Group. Lin Yinsun said that zhengbang Group, as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, has realized the standardization, organization and industrialization of enterprise development over the past 20 years with a down-to-earth attitude and determined innovation, and has gradually improved its anti-risk ability and competitiveness, contributing its strength to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry. At present, Zhengbang has formed two industrial chains of planting and pig breeding. This year, it is expected to achieve the goal of 100 billion yuan of output value. In the next step, it will continue to develop a new industrial chain in combination with the actual situation. Lin expects financial institutions to strongly support the development of agricultural enterprises, work together to do a good job in product business docking and deepen strategic cooperation.




  Da-peng li for bond group work giving Banks want to thank you for the support and trust, and introduced the development's business bank in recent years and five years development plan, said online industry chain with core enterprise joint business cooperation, is his commercial Banks "traditional business behavior subject" and "financial investment Banks and network for the two wings" one body two wings "of the very important part of business development model, and is the achievement of strategic cooperation with the state group, will align business bank depth to carry out the agricultural industrial chain business, boost the local rural financial market development play a positive role in promoting, qi he key resources, commercial Banks will further tilt We will promote cooperation projects and speed up the development of agriculture's entire industrial chain.