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[Public Welfare] Lin Yin, Sun Zhong Hongguang and other chairman and vice chairman of Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center arrived in Poyang Lake to carry out public welfare action of poyang porpoises protection

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  The afternoon sun sparkled gold on the lake. A small boat, a cargo ship shuttle in the lake, "smiling angel" finless porpoises from time to time out of the water, welcome the arrival of environmental entrepreneurs. On December 24, founding members of Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center launched the first themed activity of poyang Lake Project -- public benefit tour of Poyang Lake Ecological and environmental protection project. Members had discussions with relevant departments of Hukou County government, visited finless porpoise to assist the patrol team, and boarded the boat to investigate the ecological environment of Poyang Lake. Long Yuwen, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Jiangxi Province, Xie Liangen, director of the Poyang Lake Fishery Administration Bureau, Luo Laiping, deputy director of the Poyang Lake Fishery Administration, Jijian Xia, deputy mayor of Jiujiang city, Li Xiaoping, party secretary of Hukou County, and Bao Chenggeng, head of Hukou county government, attended the relevant activities. The delegation of Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center is led by Lin Yinsun, President of Zhengbang Group and chairman of the Center, And led by Zhong Hongguang, vice chairman of the Center, as well as members of the Working Committee and founding members.






  During the discussion with the relevant departments of Hukou County, Long thanked the entrepreneurs for creating a platform to participate in the protection of finless porpoise. He said that the Poyang Lake Project Center is an efficient team. It has been only eight days since its establishment to carry out public welfare activities to protect the finless porpoise, which is very exciting. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will do its best to help the project center carry out public welfare activities. At the same time, he wants entrepreneurs to combine efforts to develop the aquatic industry with actions to protect aquatic wildlife, promote the reuse of abandoned land, help illegal fishermen find new jobs, and vigorously promote the rice-farming economy and rural collective economy.




  At the symposium, Hu Kou county chief Bao Chenggeng said the protection of finless porpoises is urgent and time is not on its side, which has attracted wide attention from the state, media and society. On November 14, 2018, the Yangtze River Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Fisheries Administration jointly convened the "Symposium on fishermen withdrawal from Poyang Lake of the Yangtze River". The meeting stressed that fishermen in Poyang Lake of Hukou County should also withdraw from poyang Lake of the Yangtze River by the end of December 2019. In addition, in order to popularize the awareness of young people and the whole society to protect the finless porpoise, the Hukou County Party committee and government decided to shoot an animation film "The Summer Camp of Xiaoxiao", which focuses on the protection of the finless porpoise. At the same time, Hukou county plans to create a finless porpoise theme park in the Yanggang Wetland Park, which covers an area of more than 300 mu, integrating science popularization, exhibition and aquarium.




  Lin said at the symposium that the Poyang Lake Project Center is an organization that enables entrepreneurs to engage in environmental public welfare activities. Entrepreneurs have the responsibility to protect the ecological environment while expanding their enterprises. "Jiangxi's green rise requires our efforts, and poyang Lake's ecological protection and sustainable use of natural resources need our protection," Lin said. This expedition to protect the finless porpoises has been strongly supported by the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department and Hukou County, which makes us full of confidence in this action. We will do more practical things under the planning of the government, and work with the government to protect the clear water of one lake in Poyang Lake and protect the green mountains in Jiangxi.






  In June 2017, hukou County set up a finless porpoise assisted patrol team, which now has 11 members, more than 80% of whom are fishermen. 24 afternoon, the association patrol team captain "old fishery administration" Zhou Junqi to President Lin Yinsun group introduced the association patrol team's daily work and the finless porpoises' living conditions. According to the report, the Team will set up two patrol teams -- the Yangtze River team and the Pohu Team -- to observe and record the population number and dynamics of the finless porpoise in the area, and rescue the injured and stranded finless porpoise. In addition, the association patrol vigorously carried out the publicity and education of finless porpoises protection, to assist the fishery administration and public security to crack down on illegal fishing, sewage and other behaviors.




Later, Lin yinsun and his crew boarded the boat to learn about the porpoises' living conditions in the poyang Lake area. The number of finless porpoises in the Yangtze River is estimated at 1,012, according to scientific surveys. Of these, about 457 are in Poyang Lake, an increase of seven from 2012. In other words, poyang Lake accounts for nearly half of the total number of finless porpoises and has the highest density of finless porpoises in the wild. The results show that the Yangtze finless porpoise population has been curbed, but its critically endangered status has not changed and remains grim.




  Before the end of the operation, the Project Center of Poyang Lake in Alashan convened a meeting to solicit opinions and Suggestions from members on the division of labor of the working Committee, the investigation report of this activity and the next action plan.