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22/5000 Devotion of love: Zhengbang Overseas Company donated a batch of protective equipment to Fuzhou

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  Faced with the severe situation of the epidemic and the shortage of epidemic prevention and control materials, Zhengbang Group donated masks, protective suits and other epidemic prevention materials to the First People's Hospital of Fuzhou, the cradle of the epidemic, on February 6. Fuzhou Municipal Standing Committee, vice Mayor Tan Xiaoping, Municipal Standing Committee, United Front Minister Wei Ping, municipal CPPCC vice chairman, chairman of the City federation of Industry and commerce Dai Xiaowen witnessed the donation, is the state Group Fuzhou branch general manager, Fuzhou new federation of vice Chairman Gao Yong on behalf of the group to hand over donated materials.




Donation ceremony


  It is learned that 23,433 sets of medical protective equipment donated by Zhengbang Group have been delivered to Fuzhou First People's Hospital to support the frontline prevention and control of the epidemic. All these protective equipment are purchased by Zhengbang from 15 overseas enterprises in Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries. At the donation ceremony, the leaders of Fuzhou expressed their heartfelt thanks to Zhengbang Group for its support and help to their hometown. At present, will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work required materials are scarce, at a critical moment, is the state group that brought the scarce goods, fully embodies the positive state group is an enterprise that has the responsibility to play, group chairman Lin Yin sun is a hometown of successful entrepreneurs, the home is full of profound friendship. We believe that with our joint efforts, we will be able to win the battle against the epidemic.




  It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Zhengbang Group submitted a written report to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Jiangxi Province, announcing that it had donated 20 million yuan of goods and materials, including 2 million yuan to Fuzhou city. Gao Yong as fuzhou branch of state group general manager, said the group's chairman Lin Yin sun is in fuzhou, after the outbreak, his heart is in my hometown, in addition to the donated 2 million yuan to the hometown, also donated this batch of medical supplies, was among the first to arrive, now the company is still in through various channels to purchase protective equipment, later will continue to support.






FFP2 masks purchased by Zhengbang Myanmar Company