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On the eve of Teachers' Day, Zhou Xiaohui, assistant to President of Zhengbang Group, attended the "Zhengbang Scholarship" award ceremony of Linchuan No. 2 High School, entrusted by President Lin Yinsun

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  On September 9th, entrusted by Chairman Lin Yinsun, Assistant President Zhou Xiaohui of Zhengbang Group attended the opening ceremony of Linchuan No. 2 Middle School and the award ceremony of "Zhengbang Scholarship", and read the congratulatory speech from Chairman Lin Yinsun.




  India chairman sun Lin said in greeting, linchuan 2 not only taught me to book knowledge, help me out "NongMen", realize the leaping for the first time in life, and the Alma mater, "chi said, according to German, knowhow, to" the school motto, strengthen the development, industrial patriotic is to be ideal, I become my lifelong benefit the valuable spiritual wealth.
  Greetings and best wishes to all teachers of Alma Mater! Warm congratulations to the students who have won the "Zhengbang Scholarship"!






  Congratulating the general students junior: one is to study diligently in the good teaching atmosphere, good study atmosphere and good school atmosphere in linchuan 2 middle school, take the university that you like, take the dream as the horse, walk the first step of good life; Second, to set up lofty aspirations, tireless, forge ahead, magnify the pattern, continue to climb the height of life; Three is to always maintain a childlike innocence, a kind heart, a kind of love, do not forget the original heart, do a person beneficial to the society.
  Linchuan No. 2 High School was founded in September 1978, located in Linchuan, Jiangxi province, known as the "hometown of talents". It is one of the Top 100 high schools in China and the top three provincial Excellent key high schools in Jiangxi Province, which has cultivated a large number of excellent talents for the country and the society, made outstanding contributions to regional economic and social development, and is known as the "cradle of talents cultivation".
  Think of the source of drinking water, repay kindness. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, and Lin Feng, general manager of Zhengbang Technology, both graduated from Linchuan No.2 Middle School. In order to thank the Alma mater for its cultivation and support for its development, Zhengbang Group set up "Zhengbang Scholarship" in Linchuan No. 2 Middle School in 2007, and funded and rewarded students with excellent academic performance for 12 consecutive years.