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[Public Welfare] The Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center is taking action to protect porpoises and protect migratory birds

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  On October 27, dozens of well-known entrepreneurs in Jiangxi gathered in the "most beautiful factory in China" -- Jiangzhong Medicine Valley. They come from different companies, but they share a common identity, that is, the Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center will be close; They did not come here to enjoy the greenery, but to make the mountains in Jiangxi greener and the waters greener. On the same day, the general meeting of Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center was held to summarize the work done by the Center since its establishment and the future work plan. 22 pro-enterprises attended the meeting. Lin Yinsun, chairman of the Center and chairman of Zhengbang Group, appointed Nie Xiaohong, vice President of the center to attend the meeting, and Zhong Hongguang, secretary-general of the Center and executive director of Jiangzhong Food Therapy Group, gave a work report. Wang Zhixin, director of Alxa SEE, and Zhang Ruibo, deputy Secretary-General of Alxa SEE Association attended the meeting.
  At the meeting, Nie Xiaohong, vice President of Zhengban Group, conveyed a letter of thanks from Chairman Lin Yinsun, affirming the achievements of the center since its establishment, thanking the members for their support to the work of the center and looking forward to more excellent and productive work in the future. Nie xiaohong said that he hoped that the general public would do "three more" and participate more. He said that they should support and participate in the activities of Alxa SEE as always. Walk more and learn from each other. We hope that all members will strive to be lifetime members, encourage more entrepreneurs to participate in public welfare, expand the team of Poyang Lake Project Center, and expand the influence of the center.
  Zhong Hongguang, secretary-general of the Center, summarized the work of the center since its establishment from the aspects of the protection of white cranes, the protection of finless porpoises, charitable donation and public welfare publicity, and made plans for the next step. According to reports, the next step, the center will use the opportunity of the 17th China International Agricultural Products Exhibition to promote the Poyang Lake Project center on-site; During the poyang lake international bird-watching week on December 6, solstice and 10, the center is planned to carry out "poyang lake international bird-watching week -- alashan SEE poyang lake project center in action theme activities". Further communicate and negotiate with Jiangxi Culture and Performing Arts Group to cooperate in the shooting and promotion of "Porpoise Laughter" or other micro films.
  At the meeting, Wang Zhixin, director of Alashan SEE, Zhang Ruibo, deputy secretary general of Alashan SEE Association, Zhang Shuo, project manager of partner Weilanxia, and Liu Dan of Qinggan Environment Exchange Center made presentations.
  Center, nanchang, vice President of financial investment group chairman of the board of directors of the company to spend RongBin, vice chairman of the chairman ming-sheng zhou, jiangxi printing co. LTD., vice chairman, nanchang too Zheng Guogao pharmaceutical packaging company chairman, vice chairman, chairman of the board of directors of the company had NianGen Jiang Xizeng xin science and technology, deputy secretary general, jiangxi magnificent Zhu Jian printing company chairman, deputy secretary general, jiangxi jiangxi construction engineering company chairman ZhangDengFeng, center, camphor tree days JiTang Yuan Yanjin, Chinese medicine yinpian company general manager will close, the river on the encore technology co., LTD., chairman of Xie Fuming, would kiss, lushan mountain springs of Triassic cable car company general manager zu-shan wang, nanchang YuZhiYong gold industry company general manager, The meeting will be attended by Guo Xingliang, chairman of Shandong Dengrui Construction Engineering and Installation Company, Li Youqing, chairman of Jiangxi Liyou Construction Engineering Co., LTD, and representatives appointed by Wang Jianguo, Chen Qianfeng and Lin Yisheng. You will say that through nearly a year of personal participation, you have a deeper understanding of Alxa, SEE deserves the participation of every entrepreneur, and you are confident, determined and capable of doing better.