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Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project center by Taiwan singing, agricultural trade fair on the seeds of public welfare

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  In December 2018, Alashan SEE planted a seed in Poyang Lake Project Center in Jiangxi province. It has been nearly a year since the establishment of the center. Alxa people take care of it and let it take root and grow stronger gradually. The 17th China International Agricultural Products Fair was held in Nanchang from November 15 to 18 this year, attracting 425,000 visitors. With the help of agricultural Trade Fair, a popular siphon-platform, the project center has set up an exhibition and held a huge publicity and promotion activity to spread the concept of environmental protection public welfare, arouse the public's environmental protection awareness, and hope to plant the seed of Alxa SEE in the hearts of more people and inherit the genes of Alxa SEE public welfare.




  "Green people of Jiangxi protect together". The poyang Lake Project Center has set up a large light box display panel in the Exhibition area of Zhengbang Group. The staff of the founding member units of Zhengbang Group and other project centers constantly introduce the basic situation and future planning of Poyang Lake Project Center to the audience. According to the report, The Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center was officially established on December 16, 2018. It is the 23rd environmental protection project center of Alashan SEE. Since its establishment, member organizations have organized activities such as poyang Lake finless porpoises survey and "9·9" public welfare day donation.




Visitors look at the publicity board of poyang Lake Project Center


  At the Agricultural Trade Fair, the public welfare platform of Poyang Lake Project Center aroused great enthusiasm of the audience. "Through your introduction, I have a deeper understanding of Alashan SEE, and Alashan SEE deserves everyone's participation". In front of the display board of poyang Lake Project Center, many spectators put on the center's blue vest and took pictures. They expressed their desire to become a volunteer of the center and jointly contribute to the protection of green mountains and clear waters in Jiangxi.
  According to the report, the poyang lake project center plans to hold "poyang lake international bird-watching week -- alashan SEE poyang lake project center in action theme activities" during the poyang lake international bird-watching week on December 6, solstice and 10. At the same time, further communication and negotiation with Jiangxi Culture and Performing Arts Group, to cooperate in the shooting and promotion of "Porpoise Laughter" or other micro films.