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29/5000 [Public Welfare] The "Public Welfare Blue" of The Project center of Poyang Lake in Alashan shines the farmers' harvest festival

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  A farmer's Harvest festival in East China's Jiangxi province kicks off at the Xiangaishan Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Fuzhou, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, Sept. 23, 2019. During the event, the "public blue" of The Project center in Alashan became the focus of the audience: The founder member of the project Center, Zhengpang Group, organized employees to wear blue vests and become environmental volunteers to promote Alashan and call for "perpetuating the smile of the porpoises in Poyang Lake".




  "Scientific surveys have estimated the number of finless porpoises in the Yangtze River at 1,012. Of these, about 457 are in Poyang Lake, an increase of seven from 2012. In other words, poyang Lake's finless porpoise population accounts for nearly half of the total. The results show that the Yangtze finless porpoise population has been curbed, but its critically endangered status remains serious." The volunteers introduced the purpose of the poyang Lake Project center and the finless porpoise conservation plan. "The greatest natural enemy of the porpoises is human activity. We need to work with the Poyang Lake Project Center to protect the clear water in the bay of Poyang Lake and give the porpoises a comfortable home, so that our future generations can also see the 'Smile of the Yangtze'," viewer Liu said.




  It is reported that The Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center was officially established on December 16, 2018. It is the 23rd environmental protection project center of Alashan SEE. The center brings together local entrepreneurs, environmental public welfare organizations and social forces from all walks of life in Jiangxi to contribute to the ecological protection and improvement of Jiangxi and Poyang Lake. Since its establishment, the Poyang Lake Project Center has organized member organizations to conduct research on poyang Lake finless porpoise and donate to the "9•9" public welfare day.