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[Public Welfare] The Alashan SEE Poyang Lake Project Center was established. Hu Hanping, Director of Agriculture and Rural Areas of Jiangxi Province, delivered a speech. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang, was elected as the Chairman of the Center

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  December 16, Nanchang bid farewell to continuous rain, ushered in the long - unseen warm sun. On that day, with the temperature rising, jiangxi enterprises actively participate in the public welfare of environmental protection heat. 16 in the afternoon, the director of agriculture and rural areas in jiangxi province han-ping hu, jiangxi agricultural science research institute Dai Xing, la shan MengWei committee, minister of the propaganda department of Andy, jiangxi province, vice President of the federation HongYuePing, nanchang high-tech zone WuYuJiang, deputy director of the party working committee, management committee jiangxi province agriculture department of fishery administration deputy director luo ping, la shan forestry bureau deputy director pan had the army, jiangxi normal university institute of geography and the environment, deputy party secretary MeiYun, jiujiang fisheries bureau deputy director li jianguo, la shan SEE ecology association YiLuMing, former President of xiao-hua qian, President of the board of supervisors supervisors, Zhou Zhou, articles of association, chairman of the committee YanJun, Together with more than 150 members from all over the country, guests from all walks of life in Jiangxi and leaders of public welfare organizations of environmental protection, we gathered in Nanchang to witness the establishment of SEE Poyang Lake Project Center.
  It is reported that Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, is the founding member of Poyang Lake Project Center and elected by a large vote as the chairman of the first working committee of poyang Lake Project Center. Wang Liang, on behalf of the Administrative Office of Alashan League, presented Lin yinsun with the letter of appointment of "Ambassador of Ecological Investment promotion of Alashan League".




Director Hu Hanping delivered a speech


  In his speech at the inaugural meeting, Hu hanping said that green is the bright background color of Jiangxi and ecology is the name card of Jiangxi. In recent years, Jiangxi has vigorously carried out the "Qinghe Action" and the construction of the ecological environment basin of Poyang Lake, to create a "Jiangxi model" of beautiful China with a higher standard. Han-ping hu also director of the la shan's environmental practices give full affirmation, and the center for environmental protection project of poyang lake, looking forward to: "la shan's choice of jiangxi center set up project, focus on the Yangtze finless porpoise protection, by conducting a series of finless porpoise protection action, will have a positive role for strengthening the protection of finless porpoise in jiangxi, and carry out the Yangtze finless porpoise advocacy activities, through the joint efforts of everyone, let porpoise smiles of poyang lake, etched in the Yangtze river."




  Minister Wang Liang delivered a speech


  "The establishment of the Poyang Lake Project Center of the Alashan SEE Ecological Association has set up a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between Alashan and Jiangxi province and Nanchang city. We will make full use of this platform to strengthen friendly exchanges in ecological, economic and social fields between the two places," Wang said. Minister Wang Liang hopes that the Poyang Lake Project Center of The Alashan SEE Ecological Association will encourage more social forces to participate in ecological construction and make positive contributions to the ecological environment protection in northwest China.




Speech by Chairman Alumin


  "Alashan Poyang Lake Project Center represents the most famous group of entrepreneurs in Jiangxi province. It is under their guidance that we have such a good start today," He said in his speech. Alashan SEE's "Keep the Smile of the Yangtze" project, from hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi in the middle reaches of the Yangtze to Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai in the lower reaches, is pushing for the protection of the entire Yangtze river ecosystem by protecting the flagship species, the finless porpoise.
  Ren Zhiqiang, the fifth President of Alashan SEE, expressed his hope for the Poyang Lake Project Center in the form of a message: The post of elected public welfare organization is neither official nor too much power, but responsibility. The responsibility of being elected is far greater than the honor. It is hoped that the working committee should devote more time and energy, and actively participate in various activities in other areas besides the local activities in Jiangxi, so as to quickly enter into the status and better perform the duties of the working Committee. I hope the poyang Lake Center will have a good report at the end of each year, and I also hope that when you leave office in three years, you will be able to deliver a satisfactory report to the members who have chosen you.




  Chairman Lin Yinsun delivered a campaign speech




  Lam Yin-sun was elected chairman of poyang Lake Project Centre




  When he was elected as a member of the Working Committee of poyang Lake Project Center, Lin yinsun said that Chairman Ai Luming, because of the public welfare cause of Alashan, went to various cities and activities one after another, and called on more entrepreneurs to participate in the public welfare cause of environmental protection with his words and deeds, so as to jointly protect the clear water and green mountains, which touched him very much. Zhengbang Group has always taken environmental protection and public welfare as its responsibility. "The green rise of Jiangxi needs our efforts, the ecological protection of Poyang Lake and the sustainable use of natural resources need our protection, and in order to retain the smile of the Yangtze River and return the finless porpoise to a beautiful 'home', we need to act together".




The Jiangxi project Center is calling for the protection of the finless porpoise


  High ticket was elected chairman of the center, after printing Sun Chengnuo Lin will give full play to the personal social part-time and is chairman of the state resources, influence and drive the local entrepreneurs take an active part in la shan public welfare activities, strive for more government resources, social resources, to promote the development of the project center activities in jiangxi, make the center of the project brand.




"Protect Poyang together and build Poyang River of Life" public welfare forum


  The establishment of Poyang Lake Project Center in Alashan injected a new force for Jiangxi to participate in the protection of The Yangtze River. With a theme of "guardian province Yang, hand in hand to build the Yangtze river of life" the public welfare of BBS link, the host has wang limin, vice director of the Yangtze river ecological protection foundation and jiangxi agricultural science research institute, a secretary of the party committee Dai Xing, la shan's President YiLuMing, poyang lake project center chairman Lin sun, vice chairman of RongBin Zhong Hongguang, flower, "hukou to help patrol point of retaining the Yangtze smile - captain" Zhou Junqi guests, such as share their province Yang related three stories of the past, present and future, string the changes of the poyang lake, express their affinity province Yang road to environmental protection and public welfare.




The Poyang Lake Project Center elected its first working Committee


  Before founding conference, poyang lake project center, elected the first committee, is the state when he was elected chairman of the group chairman Lin seal, the river on the diet technology co., LTD. Director Zhong Hongguang, jhansi red mall investment development co., LTD., chairman of HongShouWei, nanchang financial investment group co., LTD., chairman of RongBin, printing co., LTD., chairman of jiangxi ming-sheng zhou, Jiang Xizeng xin technology co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors has NianGen, nanchang, mt pharmaceutical packaging co., LTD., chairman of Zheng Guogao served as vice President, secretary general of Zhong Hongguang part-time, Zhang Dengfeng, chairman of Jiangxi Ganfei Construction Engineering Co., LTD., and Zhu Jian, chairman of Jiangxi Qili Printing Co., LTD., served as deputy Secretary-General.
  On the scene of the inaugural meeting, President Of Alashan SEE, Mr Lu Ming, together with directors Xue Jian, Mr Wang Zhixin and Mr Shen Peilin presented the certificate, plaque and flag of Poyang Lake Project Center.
  During the conference, Hu met with Qian Xiaohua and Lin Yinsun and introduced jiangxi's efforts in protecting the ecological environment of Poyang Lake and the difficulties existing in the process. Mr Aluming also exchanged views with Mr Lam on the poyang Lake Project Centre's next steps.




  According to reports, Alashan SEE Ecological Association was founded on June 5, 2004. It is the first social group in China to take social responsibility as its own responsibility, take entrepreneurs as its main body and take ecological protection as its goal. Poyang Lake Project Center is the 23rd environmental protection project center of Alashan SEE. It will bring together local entrepreneurs, environmental public welfare organizations and all sectors of society in Jiangxi to make efforts for the protection and improvement of the ecological environment of Jiangxi and Poyang Lake.




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