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China's four leading pig farmers discuss pig raising in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, said: "If you raise pigs well, you can raise them more."

Li Xirong, President of China Animal Husbandry Association, and He Xintian, Secretary-General of China Animal Husbandry Association presided over the interactive forum on pig Link and "Pig Market Trend" respectively on November 14. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, Wen Zhifen, Chairman of Wen's Food Group Co.,Ltd., Qin Yinglin, chairman of Muyuan Foods Co.,Ltd., Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group Co.,Ltd., and other industry giants were invited to give speeches and exchanges. Lin Yinsun, chairman of Zhengbang Group, made wonderful discussions on how to "raise well" to "raise much".

The Ministry of Agriculture strictly enforces the production of fake and inferior pesticide

The companies and products whose pesticide registration certificates have been revoked are: 24.5% Avi·Mineral Oil Emulsifiable Concentrate (Registration No. PD20101117) of Qingguan Chemical Co., Ltd.,

Decent service and guidance: Jiangxi provincial and municipal three-level taxation bureaus arrived at Zhengbang to work on the spot, helping Zhengbang to sprint for 100 billion yuan

On October 22, Chen Guoying, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Taxation Bureau, led the leaders of the three-level taxation bureaus at the provincial and municipal levels to work at the Zhengbang headquarters and